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10 Things you need to take care in your college life!

COLLEGE‘ – maybe the word itself is enough to give goosebumps to many! For some it had remained a place with memories, for some it was a learn-cum-fun place, while for some who are going to join in this session, it remains a wrapped gift! After 15 years of schooling, the mere thought of college excites us, isn’t it?! New friends, new and blithe atmosphere, no compulsions or obligations, just freedom – many of us think about college in either way, right? But the College-life is much more to that.

There are certain things you need to take care of in your college life. The knowledge of these mere things aren’t mentioned in any of the books, but it can be understood only by experience. As the students who are about to join in college are naive, this article will surely help you all safeguard your interest and journey!

You should take care of these 10 things in your college life to make it a smooth ride!

10 things you need to take care in your College life

10 Things you Should take care of in your College Journey :

1.Living Location :

Do you stay out of your hometown to pursue college education? If yes, then choosing for a safe and decent locality to reside in, is of utmost importance. Choosing for college -hostels will definitely ensure your safety. Otherwise, look for other Hostels within the college premises or nearby locations. This will save your time in transportation and you will get more time to explore!!

Living location should also be compatible with emergency needs. It should be close to the markets where stationery, medicare or other needs can be catered easily.

2.Roommate :

Maybe roommate will be your family away from family! Your roommate/s in the hostel room or in the PGs are going to stay with you all day and night. It may be possible that you two don’t strike a chord, at first,or have frequent bashes regarding things, space and over other petty things!! But remember, your roommate will also be your best buddy in hard times.

However, in case your roommate doesn’t portray adjusting or you both can’t accommodate together, rush for your hostel’s warden. Perhaps changing room or roommates will probably help!

10 things you need to take care in your college life

3. College Friends’ Group :

The above mentioned definition of friendship will remain intact in all the situations. Your friends are going to be your family in the college. So put a pinch of concern while choosing your group in college.

A friend in need is a friend indeed !

Don’t be a bookworm in your college life. The world will teach you more and better than the college books. Try being with the people you share same thoughts with. Study, learn, hangout, party – but all in a fixed proportion. This Mantra is definitely going to help you go smooth with 3 or 4 years of your college life! Don’t miss it.

10 things you need to take care in your College life

4. Friend- Circle other than college:

You may have your friends other than your college friends. They may be your roommates, hostel- mates or even your neighbors. Knowingly or unknowingly these people do affect your personality, attitude and your behavior. Avoiding the company of people who hangout too much and study a little or just spare their time unworthily with wrong company, would be an intelligent move.

Look for the friends who help you improve and enhance your capabilities. These will not put you in troubles rather they’ll help you escape every unwanted situations. Night- stays, group assignments or late night projects – you’re gonna have loads of fun!!

10 things you need to take care in your College life

5. Entertainment and extra -curricular activities :

All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

An old proverb

The above proverb is righteously quotesd. Don’t be a book – nerd all the time. Go, explore things. Participate in plays, acts, dance performances, orchestra – these all activities will help you cope up with the hectic schedule of college assignments, exams, projects, presentations and list goes on infinitum.

You can surely visit movies with your gang – but remember not every Friday invites you. For entertainment purposes, avoid going pubs, discos too frequently rather plan for a day-outing. This will be hundred times more fun.

10 things you need to take care in your College life

6. Late Night Hangouts:

Late night hangouts may seem very fascinating and attractive at first site, but it would be all brains if you avoid it too frequently. It would be okay if you are planning it with full concern and safety. Be it a boy or a girl, late night hangouts, that too, away from your families won’t be a good idea. Rather, you could plan picnics or short trips in daytime with your group so as to avoid unwanted troubles.

A good company will always ensure that you aren’t gonna encounter any trouble ahead! They will never force you to indulge in something wrong or unrighteous act. Remember, “Precaution is better than cure. “

10 things you need to take care in your College life

7. Avoid Shopping and Spending money on unnecessary things :

Your roommate has got a new dress, or a new phone or someone in college has got a new bike– these temptations will surely make you crave for these luxuries. But wait! Are these luxuries, really your requirements? Or are you doing fine with the things you already have?

Just to look cool in front of your friends by showing-off the expensive things, you will not look cool, but a fool!! Only spend in things that you need, not what you can squank. Many parents might have taken educational loans to make you study further. Spending that money unnecessarily will be an act of fool.

Just remember,

Education is an investment that gives the best interest. So invest your time in studying and building your career, rather than spending unworthily over unnecessary things.

Don’t be miser, be economical

10 things you need to take care in your College life

8. Food :

Another Important thing in college life that you should take care of is – Food. Going for a canteen or any nearby restaurant is all good – upto a certain limit. You certainly can’t eat junk food all the time.

Okay! I understand that watery Dal of mess and rubbery Chapati of hostel isn’t worth eating, right? I completely agree with you guys. But understand one thing, you become what you eat. Don’t rely on oily junk food, relish on healthy diet – go for fresh fruits and other healthy meals.

A sound mind resides in a healthy body!

10 t hu Inga you need to take care in your College life

9. Inferiority complex :

Your friend has gotta new, expensive mobile, so does this make you inferior to her, in any sense? No. Absolutely No. Or anyone in college has a fair complexion, good – height or have a so -called ‘cool’ personality, so does this make him/ her superior to you. Again No. Absolutely No.

A person is identified by his/ her values, ethics, skills and talents. No physical embellishments creates a sense of inferiority complex. God has given everyone some unique characteristics. Everyone is good at something or the other. You are unique. Don’t let diffidence overcome your confidence. Your self confidence is what defines your personality and attitude. An optimistic and disciplined behavior will make you stand out from the crowd.

Your Self- Confidence is your identity!!

10 things you need to take care in college Life

10.Don’t Live in your comfort zone :

Life is not a bed of roses, it is a throne of thorns. You certainly can’t get accustomed to a structured life. You’ll have to take risk, challenge the status quo and ultimately make the impossible turn into shower of opportunities.

Opportunity never knocks twice.

If ever encountered with any opportunity to enlighten your future, grab it in the first go. Step out of comfort zone, do the undone, experiment, try, learn, fail, succeed – all are the part of this life. Jarod Kintz once said,

“College has given me the confidence that I needed when I failed. “

Jarod Kintz

” The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy

Martin Luther King Jr

College life is an inseparable life of anyone’s life. The memories of this golden period will be cherished lifelong. So by taking care of these 10 things, your college journey will be successful and smooth. Remember the college life is a path towards your ambitions and your gaols. Be your best and be the invincible.

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Niyati Muley

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