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Inspirational Story of Yuvraj Singh

Goodbye, Warrior Prince” – So, these were the words by which the national daily, The Times of India, bid adieu to the ‘Game Changerafter two decades of his cricket -career, including 4 years of his battle with the pernicious cancer! No one imagined that this ‘Maharaja of Indian Cricket’ would become the ‘Conqueror Of Cancer’, someday !!

Fight hard and never give up!!

Yuvraj Singh

While the Cricket World Cup is going on in drizzling England, Yuvraj Singh announced his retirement from all formats of cricket, including the IPL. However, his announcement via Twitter, inked about his some other future plans. Look at this tweet resembling the end of such an inspiring journey!

Let’s have a look at Yuvi’s inspiring journey, his ups and downs through careers, his battle with cancer and ultimately his magnificent win over cancer, that marks his dynamic courage and strength !!

Early Cricket Life :

Born in a Punjabi family on December 12, 1981, Yuvaraj Singh currently holds 8701 runs and 111 wickets in the ODIs. Started playing at the mere age of 14 years in Punjab U-16 cricket team, he made his Ranji Trophy debut in 1997 getting a duck!! But it was his immense hardwork and determination, that after just 2 years, he made unbeaten 149 runs in the same Ranji Trophy!

Yuvraj Singh Success Rules

Ups -downs and voila! Success!!

Yuvraj Singh made his International Cricket debut in 2000 with U-19 KnockOut Trophy. Though, his beginning was shimmering with his all-round performance, but soon his form began to drop. The years from 2002-2005 were upsetting for the ‘Maharaja of Cricket‘ in terms of his dropping performance. But the Sun began to shine for him when he was made Vice Captain for ICC World Cup -2007. It was in this series, that the champ created history by becoming First Player to hit six 6s in T-20 cricket history! He achieved this feat against Stuart Broad. He also scored record fastest 50 runs off 12 balls!! Magic happened!!

Yuvaraj Singh Success Rules

Magic continues. Journey becomes more Magical !!

It was no less than icing on the cake, as ‘Yuvi – The Sixer King‘ became the actual ‘Maharajah of Indian Cricket‘. In the historic ICC 2011 Cricket World Cup, with 362 runs, consisting of 1 hundred and 4 fifties, and 15 wickets, he filled his bag with 4 Man Of the Match Awards and the iconic Player of the Tournament!! It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Yuvraj Singh played a pivotal role in gifting the marvellous Trophy to the people of India.

Yuvraj Singh Success rules
Yuvaraj Singh Success rule

But, here comes the bad dream!

As all good things come to an end, so does Yuvi’s career (but with a scope for a U-Turn) when he was detected with cancerous tumor stage-1 in his left lung. After his wonderful innings in the World Cup, this shook his life, somehow. Not only his family, but the entire cricket community with millions of supporters came in his support. They all whole -heartedly prayed for his health. After numerous chemotherapy sessions and treatments and due to Yuvi’s immense strength and courage, he made the impossible turn into possible – he survived the pernicious cancer and even made comeback in cricket. Magical!

Yuvraj Singh success rules

However, playing for the country after defeating the disease is never easy! There are various other factors to be defeated first- the fright of unsatisfying performance, the doubtful selection committee and above all, the falling self confidence and esteem. As per a renowned proverb :

Fighting with the world becomes easy when you win the fight with self!!

Isn’t it?

But soon the Sixer King became the quintessential of defeating the failure. He not only faced the atrocities and all the pain and hardship with bravery, but also made a grand comeback in 2013 thrashing all the revolving uncertainties. In 2017 , he scored a scintillating 53 -runs knock only to make India win against Pakistan.

Yuvraj Singh success rules

The Master Blaster of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar himself ,applauded him for his immense dedication and determination.

Yuvraj Singh success rules

A winner never quits and a quitter never wins.”

Vince Lombardi

This inspirational quote articulately accentuates the journey of Yuvaraj Singh. He didn’t only resemble the portrait of strength and courage, but also paved the way for millions of people to never give up and always move ahead, optimistically. He took retirement from cricket on June 10 but also hinted for his entry into something altogether different and unique….We all are waiting for his new Avatar!!

Yuvaraj Singh success rules

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Niyati Muley

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