Students Motivation

Student Motivation Thoughts

Don’t be sad if you are an average student, because you are the one who will never afraid of failures in life.

If you are an average student it means you are having a lot of potential of doing something extraordinary.

In this world, only the failure is the thing, that teaches you a lesson for life & how to become successful in life. 

Success comes many times in your life, once you face failure & understood it.

The Greatest Achievement of your life is learning from failures & then again doing the same thing with more efforts & experience.

Always Remember you are the only batsman of your life, everyone can throw the ball but you have to decide where to hit the ball.

Don’t feel bad if you are compared by someone, yes you don’t have equal talent but you are having the will to do some extraordinary.

Don’t think for Suicide, think Option & the option is your life.

Once in a lifetime, everyone has to fail Some will fail late, some will early & if you are failing early it means you will succeed early.

Failure is like a Gift in your life, but the only thing is that you will not get a gift on that day but yes you will get definitely one day.

Marks are just numbers in the piece of paper & you don’t have to show everywhere in your life. the thing you have to show is your character, attitude, skill & passion of doing something.


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