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The motivation for success in life

  1. Good time & good luck never comes until you work for it.
  2. Use your time wisely otherwise time will use you wisely. 
  3. Being a good Student always try to try to learn something new & find your interest & work on it.
  4. Never complain of resources, I think everyone one has smartphone makes use of it in a good sense.
  5. Finding a Life partner is not a wrong decision, but make sure your focus can’t be the shift. 
  6. Do anything if you are happy with that, you don’t have regret in your life.
  7. Leaving your comfort zone is the first step you do for achieving success & dreams.
  8. A Good Start never happens until you start. 
  9. Strong desire is a must to achieve something. 
  10. Try to Improve yourself in every direction.

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